Once Upon a Time (season 5)

{4.5/5} “Love’s a funny thing… When I met Charming, I hit him in the face.”

Once Upon a Time season 5, aired in 2015-16

Emma became the Dark One in order to save Regina. She was whisked off to the Enchanted Forest. In order to rescue her, they’re going to need help from someone who’s unlikely to be helpful — Zelena, the Wicked Witch. In the meantime, when Emma arrives in the Enchanted Forest she stumbles across a red-haired bow-wielding woman named Merrida.

The first and second halves of the season were separated by a long break.

They’re doing something that most shows wouldn’t do — take a character who’s been on the side of good for 4 seasons and put her on the side of bad. So they deserve kudos for trying something different.

When the heroes visit the underworld, they run into some people they haven’t seen in a while.

The 19th episode “Sisters” is one of the best of the series — about Regina and Zelena, and their mother.

The one thing I don’t like about this show is they bring characters back from the dead a bit too often. You can’t expect us to feel sad about a character’s death if we think they might just come back again.

Stars Sean Maguire and Amy Manson.

I previously reviewed season 4.

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