The Big Bang Theory (season 9)

{5/5} “Lastly, please initial here to confirm that ownership of the living room couch is hereby transferred to me in perpetuity all throughout the universe. And all alternate universes. Except for those universes where owning a couch is forbidden by the Hive Queen — in which case, all glory to the Hive Queen.”

The Big Bang Theory season 9, aired in 2015-16

Amy has broken up with Sheldon, but Sheldon was about to propose. Leonard and Penny got married in Las Vegas, but Penny is upset that Leonard kissed another woman 2 years ago — and works with her. Howard and Bernadette are having a baby. Raj can’t decide between two women he’s dating.

It’s another brilliant season of fun and flags.

Laura Spencer plays Raj’s girlfriend Emily and Alessandra Torresani plays Raj’s girlfriend Claire.

Guest stars include Elon Musk and Adam West. June Squibb plays Mee Maw, Sheldon’s grandmother.

I previously reviewed season 8.

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