Where to Invade Next

{5/5} “It’s true. The whole world does have paid maternity leave, except for the 2 countries too poor to afford it — Papua New Guinea and this place [the US].”

Where to Invade Next, released in 2015

Michael Moore visits countries around the world that have some ideas he believes Americans should consider adopting. He starts with Italy where people have many weeks of vacation every year and a 2-hour lunch every day. In France he visits a school cafeteria, where students are fed high quality food. He visits a school in Finland, a university in Slovenia, a pencil factory and spa in Germany, a police station in Portugal, a prison in Norway, and a women’s health clinic in Tunisia.

This is another brilliant documentary. Moore’s documentaries are usually about a negative, whereas this one is about a positive so it has a different feel. It’s a beautiful movie.

It’s about ideas that are routinely dismissed by certain people — but they’re ideas that obviously work. Oddly enough, many of the ideas are originally from the US.

It’s very hopeful — it shows what the US (and, in many cases, Canada) should be doing to solve some of our problems.

Everyone should watch this movie — it’s full of ideas that are important for the 21st century.

Directed by Michael Moore (Capitalism: A Love Story).

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