Microsoft is even worse than I thought

I recently talked about the problem with Microsoft in that it installs Windows 10 without asking you. But Microsoft is even worse than I thought. There are some truly shocking and disgusting privacy settings that are automatically turned on. Some of them are easy to find if you don’t do the default installation, but others are in more difficult to find spots. If you or anyone you know has Windows 10, I urge you to read this web page and turn off those settings:

Broken Windows Theory

The article is written by David Auerbach and appears on Bitwise, which is part of After you’ve taken care of that important business, you might want to read some of his other articles.

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    They haven’t gotten any better. A recent Windows update installed Microsoft Edge on my computer, which I didn’t want. An operating system and an application are 2 different things — updating Windows 10 should not include installing Microsoft Edge.

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