Lock In

{4.5/5} “I felt that sensation unique to Hadens, the vertigo that comes from perceptually being in two places at once. It’s much more noticeable when your body and your threep are in the same room at the same time. The technical term for it is ‘polyproprioception.’ Humans, who generally only have one body to deal with, aren’t naturally designed for it. It literally changes your brain.”

Lock In by John Scalzi, published in 2014

Most victims of Haden’s syndrome are locked in — they’re awake but can’t move. They often use threeps, robot bodies, to get around. Chris Shane is a new FBI agent who’s put on the case of a Haden-related murder. But things are not what they seem and Chris and his partner Leslie Vann will have to use all of their wits and their contacts to solve the case.

It’s a science fiction mystery. It’s fast paced, but thoughtful. You get a lot of insight into the culture of Hadens.

As with all of Scalzi’s books I’ve read, I liked it a lot.

I’ve now read 9 of Scalzi’s books. I previously reviewed his novel The End of All Things.

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