The End of All Things

{5/5} “Obviously because whatever plans Equilibrium has, they deviate substantially from our own. What they are, I cannot even begin to tell you. All I know, Ambassador, is that I was used. My government was used. My planet was used. And now all of us are going to pay for it.”

The End of All Things by John Scalzi, published in 2015

The shadowy group plotting the end of the Colonial Union and the Conclave calls themselves the Equilibrium. What happens when the Equilibrium takes the wrong pilot and puts his brain in a box? What happens when the Conclave needs a new leader? What happens when Colonial Union soldiers get tired of acting as police officers on various colony worlds?

This is the 6th and so far last book in the Old Man’s War series. Like the previous book, this one was originally published as separate short stories.

It’s about what big organizations are doing — Earth, the Colonial Union, the Conclave, and the Equilibrium. But it’s also about what individual members of those organizations are doing — and most of them think they’re doing the right thing.

It’s another great story, and it comes to an extremely satisfying conclusion. There may be more books in the series, but this feels like a culmination.

I previously reviewed the 5th book in the series, The Human Division.

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