Remember the Brexit

The lessons of Brexit are threefold:

  • Your vote counts.
  • You should be informed before you vote.
  • A simple majority referendum might not be the best option.

Think about all the places in the world where people can’t vote. If you live in a democratic country it’s your duty to vote — and to inform yourself on the issues.

What happened with the Brexit? Some people didn’t vote because they didn’t think the “leave” side would win. Some people voted “leave” without understanding what it meant. Some old people wanted to go back to the 20th century rather than forward into the future.

The UK voted to leave the EU, the European Union. The EU might not be perfect but it seems obvious that it’s the way of the future. The fact that such an important decision was based on a simple majority referendum is yet another mistake.

Things that used to be more predictable in the 20th century are not as predictable any more — polls don’t tell you what’s going to happen on referendum (or election) day. Let your voice be heard.

Please remember the Brexit if you’re voting in the US election this year.

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