Star Trek: Legacies — Best Defense

{4.5/5} “Most galling of all had been the addendum that directed Kirk to take full personal responsibility for the mission — so that if it backfired, it could be dismissed as a rogue operation, the brainchild of a maverick starship captain acting without authority.”

Star Trek: Legacies Book 2 — Best Defense by David Mack, published in 2016

Captain Una is looking for her colleagues stranded in an alternate universe 18 years ago — and she has 60 days to do it. Ambassador Sarek is attempting to negotiate a peace with the Klingons — but the Klingons aren’t really interested in peace. The Romulans and the Orion Syndicate would also be happy if the Federation and the Klingon Empire went to war.

This book is the sequel to Captain to Captain. It’s exciting, and you won’t be able to put it down.

We get a chance to see our old friends Sarek and Gorkon in action. There’s also an interesting storyline aboard a Romulan ship — Sadira, the Romulan spy formerly known as Ensign Bates, has orders the ship’s captain doesn’t like.

I previously reviewed the 1st book in this series, Captain to Captain. I also reviewed Mack’s novel Star Trek: The Fall — A Ceremony of Losses.

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