The problem with Donald Trump

There is certainly an important way in which Donald Trump is the ultimate expression of things that have been happening in the Republican Party for years. But there is another way in which Trump is different from any other presidential candidate.

No matter how laughable or horrible any other presidential candidate has been, they have all had one thing in common — they all wanted to do good things for their country. Donald Trump only wants to do good things for Donald Trump.

One person who knows more about Donald Trump than the average person is the co-author of The Art of the Deal. You can find out what he thinks about Trump here (the short version: he regrets writing the book and doesn’t think Trump will be a good president):

Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All

Why is Trump doing so well, when he lies all the time, doesn’t care who he insults, and waits a couple of days to see if he should claim he was joking? He is using an unusually effective level of persuasion. Scott Adams talks about Trump’s persuasiveness on his blog, and he was the first one to predict that Trump would do well — back when everyone else was laughing at him.

Here is one post from August 2015 where Adams talks about Trump’s persuasive abilities:

Clown Genius

John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, has come up with a brilliant solution to Donald Trump’s current problem. As Oliver sees it, Trump’s current problem is that either outcome in November is bad for him — if he loses obviously that’s bad, but if he wins then he has to do the work of the president and he doesn’t really want that.

The solution is for Trump to withdraw, but at the same time point out the flaws in the system that his candidacy has illuminated. If you think this solution is crazy, you haven’t been paying attention — crazy things are happening all the time.

You can watch the clip here:

Watch John Oliver’s Perfect Attempt to Persuade Donald Trump to Drop Out

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    There have been no concerts at the White House since Donald Trump was sworn in. Why does that matter? “With art comes empathy,” says Dave Eggers.

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