The problem with the Republican Party

This post is about the Republican Party pre-Donald Trump — I’ll talk about him in a separate post.

In the old days the Republicans and the Democrats worked together to get things done. But in the past 8 years that’s not what’s happened. And anyone who thinks this is the Democrats’ fault, their brain is mush. In the past 8 years the Republicans’ stated position was that they were there to stop President Obama and the Democrats from doing anything — even things the Republicans actually wanted to do.

Here’s a tremendous article about what the Republican Party has done for us lately:

The Cost To Our Economy From Republican Obstruction And Sabotage

The Republican Party is therefore no longer a serious political party — it is a joke. The fact that some people are still willing to vote Republican after this demonstrates that the Republican/Fox News propaganda machine works very well.

The number of people who should vote for the Republican Party is zero. The party should disintegrate. True conservatives should form a new party.

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    If you want to be reminded of what Republicans have been doing the last 8 years in a funny way, here’s a video called “If Congress was your co-worker – Starring Chris Pine”:

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