{4.5/5} “His violent nature disturbed her, but hadn’t they made him that way? The human race was alive because Erik and the other defenders killed so efficiently, without fear. All humans bore some of the responsibility for that. In some real sense, the defenders were the blameless ones; they were simply expressing what they’d been engineered to be.”

Defenders by Will McIntosh, published in 2014

The Luyten are aliens who want Earth for themselves. They have technological superiority — and they can read any human’s mind within 8 miles. A couple of years after their arrival most of the humans that are left are eking out a difficult existence. But when scientists discover what part of a human’s brain the Luyten can sense, they genetically engineer a new race to fight back — the defenders.

The chapters are from 4 different points of view — Kai, a kid trying to stay alive when a Luyten telepathically speaks to him; Oliver, a psychologist tasked by the president with communicating with a captured Luyten; Lila, a kid who has to leave her home when the Luyten attack; and Dominique, the geneticist who created the defenders.

The 2nd part of the book takes place 15 years later.

Like McIntosh’s first book, Soft Apocalypse, this one is fairly serious.

It’s gripping and well worth reading. It’s about dealing with beings who are very different from you.

This McIntosh’s 4th novel and so far they’ve all been based on short stories he wrote.

I previously reviewed his novel Love Minus Eighty.

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