{4.5/5} “Individuals diagnosed with SOS need not suffer another day. Contact your doctor immediately to receive the Ashby ENI cure and rejoin the ranks of equals.”

Equals, released in 2016

Silas lives in a society where people are emotionless. Except for defectives who are taken away for treatment and containment. Silas thinks he’s OK except for a nightmare, but his doctor tells him he has stage 1 of SOS (“Switched On Syndrome”). When he reaches stage 4 he will be taken to the DEN (“Defective Emotional Neuropathy”) facility. While devastated by this news, he becomes increasingly infatuated with a woman named Nia.

This movie will instantly remind you of THX 1138. I guess if kids today aren’t going to watch a movie from 1971, they can watch this one.

It might not have anything really new to say in terms of the story, but it’s very well done. We believe in the romance, and it has a great look to it.

A movie like this relies heavily on the leads — Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart make it work.

If you’re into the movie, then the question eventually becomes whether it will end like THX 1138 — or like 1984.

Stars Guy Pearce. Directed by Drake Doremus (Like Crazy).

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