Angel & Faith (season 10)

{4.5/5} “Angel does what he wants, right? But if somebody else wants to do the same thing, he slams the door. Probably doesn’t seem fair. So I’ve thought about it. And I’ve decided… I can live with that.”

Angel & Faith season 10 (5 volumes) by Victor Gischler, Will Conrad & others, published in 2014-16

Angel is in Magic Town, where things have gotten a bit strange — some people have been turned into various sorts of creatures, and some of them use their new talents for evil. Faith is in America, where she gives working for the corporation known as Deepscan a try — she decides it’s not for her, until there’s a mission to rescue Riley Finn.

Things get kicked up a notch in the third volume — for one thing, Fred/Illyria returns. Our old friend Drusilla shows up in the fourth volume.

The characters sound like themselves, and there is some humour. The story isn’t quite up to the standards of the TV show and first post-show season’s worth of graphic novels. But it’s nice to be among old friends, and the story builds to a satisfying conclusion.

The artwork is mostly great and occasionally terrific.

This set of books takes place at the same time as Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 10, which I will be reviewing in the not-too-distant future.

I previously reviewed season 9.

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