Real news vs fake news

I’m not sure anyone predicted this problem — sometimes the drawbacks of new technology aren’t apparent until later. But now we have to do something about it.

What’s the problem? Some people are getting what they think is news but it’s fake. How can they believe it if it’s outrageous? Because their head has been filled with outrageous things for years.

Many Trump supporters believe in a variety of things that aren’t true. For example, 40% of them believe that Trump won the popular vote — Clinton won it by (at current count) 2.83 million votes. Read this to find out what else Trump voters believe:

Trump Remains Unpopular; Voters Prefer Obama on SCOTUS Pick

It seems to me that if it weren’t for fake news Hillary Clinton probably would have won the election.

Here’s a breakdown of where people are getting news online:

News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2016

Millions of Americans are getting their news from Facebook. As far as I’m concerned, that means Facebook has to take some responsibility in ensuring that those people get real news. Maybe Facebook didn’t set out to be a news organization, but this is how people are using their site.

Everyone who can afford it should subscribe to a newspaper. We need to support organizations who have real journalists covering stories around the world.

If a friend of yours forwards fake news, speak out — don’t let it spread.

Other than those suggestions, I don’t have a solution to the problem of fake news. But here are 15 intelligent suggestions to start the ball rolling:

A Call for Cooperation Against Fake News

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    It seems Facebook is doing something about this, which is great. We’ll see how it works…

  2. Dave Switzer Says:

    A poll of Canadians about news and paying for it, and some ideas about bridging the gap…

  3. Dave Switzer Says:

    Google is working on dealing with fake news, partnering with recognized fact checkers…

  4. Dave Switzer Says:

    Playing the game Bad News could reduce your susceptibility to fake news…

  5. Dave Switzer Says:

    Another platform that has a problem with fake news is YouTube…

  6. Dave Switzer Says:

    As for Twitter, they’ve placed a fact-check warning on at least some of Trump’s tweets…

  7. Dave Switzer Says:

    Facebook decides to label “newsworthy” posts that break its rules, only after ad boycotts…

  8. Dave Switzer Says:

    Facebook Hires Right Wing Propagandists As Fact Checkers

  9. Dave Switzer Says:

    Facebook Covers Up Right-Wing Secrets

  10. Dave Switzer Says:

    Facebook BOMBSHELL Reveals Major Right-Wing Bias

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