A moment of continued emergency

Whenever I think about Donald Trump I still get upset. I certainly don’t envy anyone living in the US right now. How can we wrap our heads around the concept that Trump will be president for the next 4 years? Adam Gopnik at The New Yorker calls this “a moment of continued emergency.” He says that we need to focus on the most important things — there’s no point in complaining about people doing things we know they’re going to do. We have to save our complaints for things that no one should do — things that are illegal or immoral.

If you can find anything amusing about Donald Trump, perhaps you will find it amusing that he can’t find any famous singers to sing at his inauguration.

The Music Donald Trump Can’t Hear

Some people think Trump won’t last 4 years as president. Here’s an article by Lucy Pasha-Robinson from The Independent. In it she quotes a professor who’s an expert in American politics who says it’s likely Trump will be impeached sooner than then.

Donald Trump ‘highly likely’ to face impeachment within first 18 months as US President, expert warns

You might think that would be a good thing, and it probably would be. Mike Pence would still do horrible things as president, but he would be more predictable — more along the lines of Republicans doing horrible things that they somehow think are reasonable. As opposed to a authoritarian who wants to curb the press and anyone who criticizes him.

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