Comments on Sci-Fi Lists: Fantasy TV shows

My original post was 5 years ago so it’s time for an update. If there’s a * in the “My rating” column then I have some interest in watching the show. If there’s nothing there then I have no particular interest in watching it.

Here is the list I’m commenting on — of course it’s changed a bit in the last 5 years.

Their ranking Title Rating My comments
1 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5 Buffy slays vampires with a little help from her friends.
2 Lost 5 A plane crashes on what seems like a deserted island — but it’s not.
3 Heroes 4.5 A small number of people discover they have extraordinary powers.
4 Xena – Warrior Princess    
5 Charmed    
6 Supernatural    
7 Angel 5 A spinoff of “Buffy” — Angel goes to LA to help people.
8 The X-Files 5 Mulder and Scully investigate the cases no one else can solve.
9 Highlander    
10 True Blood    
11 Bewitched    
12 Sabrina the Teenage Witch    
13 Legend of the Seeker    
14 Merlin (2008)    
15 Ghost Whisperer    
16 Touched By an Angel    
17 Kyle XY    
18 Game of Thrones    
19 Hercules – Legendary Journeys    
20 Pushing Daisies 4.5 A fun and clever show about a guy who can bring the dead back to life by touching them.
21 The Twilight Zone (Original) *  
22 Dark Shadows    
23 Medium    
24 The Vampire Diaries    
25 Batman    
26 The Prisoner 3.5 A show from the 1960s where a spy is captured and kept in a strange town.
27 Moonlight    
28 I Dream of Jeannie    
29 Fantasy Island    
30 The Dresden Files    
31 The Addams Family    
32 Forever Knight    
33 Dead Like Me 4.5 George dies and because a grim reaper — she gradually gets used to the new deal.
34 Tales From the Crypt    
35 Carnivale *  
36 Are You Afraid of the Dark?    
37 Poltergeist – The Legacy    
38 Worzel Gummidge    
39 The Walking Dead    
40 Once Upon a Time 4.5 Fairy tale characters are trapped in our world because of a curse.
41 The Mists of Avalon    
42 Wonder Woman    
43 The Wild Wild West    
44 The Pretender    
45 The 10th Kingdom *  
46 Mister Ed    
47 The Avengers (with Emma Peel)    
48 The Lost Room 4.5 A miniseries in which items from a hotel room have magical properties.
49 Beauty & the Beast *  
50 Early Edition    
51 The Worst Witch    
52 Dinotopia    
53 Blood Ties    
54 Hex    
55 Joan of Arcadia    
56 Blade: The Series    
57 Friday the 13th    
58 Sapphire & Steel    
59 Ray Bradbury Theatre    
60 The Chronicles of Narnia    
61 Tru Calling   I watched a few episodes but they didn’t wow me.
62 Faerie Tale Theatre    
63 Kingdom Hospital    
64 Grimm    
65 Goosebumps    
66 Goodnight Sweetheart    
67 That’s So Raven    
68 Kung Fu – The Legend Continues    
69 Beastmaster    
70 The Dead Zone *  
71 Rocko’s Modern Life    
72 Neverwhere    
73 The Flying Nun    
74 Witchblade    
75 The Munsters    
76 Merlin    
77 Big Wolf on Campus    
78 The Twilight Zone (80s) *  
79 Highway to Heaven   I watched this as a kid — not sure what it would be like now.
80 Kolchak – The Night Stalker    
81 Night Gallery    
82 The Lost World    
83 Round the Twist    
84 Tales From the Darkside    
85 The Adventures of Sinbad    
86 Land of the Lost    
87 The Storyteller *  
88 Dungeons & Dragons    
89 Eastwick    
90 Monkey    
91 The Mighty Boosh    
92 So Weird    
93 Beyond Belief – Fact or Fiction    
94 The Tick    
95 One Step Beyond    
96 Relic Hunter    
97 Herman’s Head    
98 Swamp Thing    
99 The Listener *  
100 Dinosaurs    

There are a few shows missing from the list:

  Agent Carter 4.5 Peggy Carter works at the SSR in 1946 to protect the US from dangerous items with magical properties.
  Agents of SHIELD 4.5 Agent Coulson and his team try to protect the world from threats of a paranormal nature.
  God, the Devil and Bob 4.5 The fate of the world rests on Bob. A funny animated show that sadly only lasted 13 episodes.
  Gotham 5 When Bruce Wayne is a kid, Detective Gordon tries to keep Gotham safe from unusual criminals.
  The Muppets 4.5 A behind the scenes look at Miss Piggy’s talk show, on which the Muppets all work including Kermit as producer.
  Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 5 Alice returns to Wonderland as an adult to find her love and thwart Jafar and the Red Queen.
  Stranger Things 4.5 In 1983 a boy disappears and a girl is found, with a tattoo of “11” on her arm, who has telekinetic powers.
  Supergirl 4.5 As Kara Danvers she works at CatCo as Cat Grant’s assistant, and as Supergirl she protects National City.
  Wonderfalls 4.5 A young woman who works in a gift store in Niagara Falls starts hearing inanimate objects talking to her.

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