{5/5} “Three hundred and one. Now we shouldn’t have been around for any one of those days but just when we needed it we found this shelter. And it’s given us food, a home, a life. For all we know we could be the only ones left. The only ones still alive. So every one of those marks is really a miracle.”

Hidden, released in 2015

Claire, Ray, and their daughter Zoe have been living in a fallout shelter for 301 days. Zoe has been having nightmares — she knows that somewhere beyond the locked hatch are the breathers. Claire and Ray are trying to remain optimistic, but supplies are running low and the equipment is starting to break down.

It’s about doing what it takes to stay alive, and looking after your family. I like how the dad is able to transport his daughter to another time and place with the power of his voice. I like how the mom is willing to try something new even if it’s against her instincts.

We see a bit of their lives before the disaster through flashbacks.

It isn’t gruesome but it is intense — you’ll want to keep the lights on.

The bold filmmakers tell a more daring story than in movies like I Am Legend or World War Z.

Stars Andrea Riseborough and Alexander SkarsgÄrd. Directed by the Duffer Brothers (the TV show Stranger Things). The spooky music is by David Julyan.

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