The Secret Life of Pets

{4/5} “We are descended from the mighty wolf. We have raw primal instincts. That are mere moments away from kicking in and leading us home.”

The Secret Life of Pets, released in 2016

Max, a dog, has a great life in New York. He does wonder where his owner Katie goes every day. But he hangs out with his friends from the neighbourhood — dogs, a cat, a bird, and a guinea pig. One day his world is turned upside down when Katie brings home another dog, Duke. Max will do whatever he can to get rid of this interloper.

This is an animated movie. Much of it is quite funny, although it gets a bit ridiculous at times.

You will laugh when you see people and animals doing silly things they do in real life. The first half, where the animals are doing things you think they’re doing when their owners go to work, is funnier than the second half, where there’s a rescue mission.

Stars the voices of Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, and Ellie Kemper. Directed by Chris Renaud (The Lorax) and Yarrow Cheney (production designer on Despicable Me). The jazzy music is by Alexandre Desplat.

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