Star Trek: DS9 — The Long Mirage

{4.5/5} “Federation Security wants to know how he learned about the mobile emitter in the first place, and whether or not he somehow persuaded or forced Morn to have one constructed… And I want to find out if Vic Fontaine is a sentient being.”

Star Trek: DS9 — The Long Mirage by David R. George III, published in 2017

Kira has been gone for over 2 years when she emerges from the wormhole. She prepares to take up her previous life as a vedek on Bajor, but then runs into Altek Dans — the man she had a relationship with in the past when she lived as another person. Meanwhile, Quark has hired a private detective to track down his best customer Morn — and he witnesses the detective’s abduction. Meanwhile, Nog is trying to rescue his holographic friend Vic Fontaine from some hoodlums who kidnapped him — but last time he entered the program he was “shot” and now he can’t get back in.

Eventually a surprising connection develops between two of the storylines. The story also involved Captain Ro Laren, Miles and Keiko O’Brien, and Odo.

Like episodes in later seasons of the show, this feels like a chapter in a larger story — a great one.

The previous novel in the story of the 24th century is Star Trek: TNG — Headlong Flight. I also reviewed George’s novel Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Ascendance.

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