The World Is Not Enough

{3.5/5} “Can’t you just say hello like a normal person?”

The World Is Not Enough, released in 1999

M sends James Bond to protect Elektra King — she thinks the terrorist known as Renard will try to kill her. Bond finds her building an oil pipeline in Azerbaijan. When he tells her she might be in danger, she doesn’t seem worried — he decides to stick around anyway.

This is the least memorable of the Brosnan Bond movies, but it has its moments. The plot feels a bit convoluted at times.

“The World Is Not Enough” is the Bond family motto, as we found out in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Some scenes were filmed in Spain, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

This was the last time Desmond Llewelyn played Q — he played the character in an astonishing 17 movies over 36 years.

Stars Robert Carlyle and Sophie Marceau. Directed by Michael Apted (Gorillas in the Mist). The music by David Arnold is exciting and Bond-like.

This is probably the 2nd time I’ve seen it.

I previously reviewed Tomorrow Never Dies.

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