Elementary (season 5)

{5/5} “I now value the work that we do, first and foremost because I do it with you.” — Sherlock, to Joan

Elementary season 5, aired in 2016-17

Sherlock agrees to solve a murder for a drug dealer — and then finds out that a vanished metal box contains a priceless Chinese antiquity. Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of a base jumper who was shot while jumping — but he would have been killed anyway because his parachute was tampered with. Joan’s acquaintance Shinwell, whose life she saved when she was a doctor, is out of jail — she’s worried that he might return to his gang.

Kitty returns later in the season — and she has a surprise for her former colleagues.

As always, the show is brilliant.

Stars Nelsan Ellis.

I previously reviewed season 4.

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