A Play of Shadow

{4/5} “The Verge didn’t have night as the girl’s world experienced it, with its darkness and damp. Instead, here was the dimming, when the quality of light went from gloriously fierce, dragon scale taking fire and rock faces bleached to bone, to soft and subtle and sly. The silver mimrol of river and lake reflected skies of ever-changing color and hue. Throughout the dimming, landscape became a play of shadow.”

A Play of Shadow by Julie E. Czerneda, published in 2014

Bannon’s nephews arrive in Marrowdell in a physical and metaphorical storm. Tir is with them but their other guards are dead. Bannon’s sister Lila has sent them so that they’re safe while she rescues her husband Emon who’s gone off on a dangerous mission. When Bannon and Jenn learn that Lila is in prison they decide they need to rescue the rescuer — but Emon and Lila have plans they don’t know about.

This is the sequel to A Turn of Light. If you read the 1st book, you’ll want to read this one too.

Czerneda’s characters are delightful. The story this time didn’t quite grab me as much — I was a tiny bit impatient with it.

It’s about family, secrets, and learning about newfound abilities.

I’ve read 12 of Czerneda’s books. Once she finishes her Clan Chronicles, I’ll be reading its 9 volumes.

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