Home Alone

{4.5/5} “Ma’am, I’m eight years old. You think I would be here alone? I don’t think so.”

Home Alone, released in 1990

Kevin McCallister is 8 years old. His parents accidentally leave him home alone when they fly to Paris for the holidays. There are 11 kids between 2 families, and when they were counting an extra neighbour kid was hanging around. When they realize their mistake they try to get back home. Meanwhile, Kevin has to defend the house against robbers.

I was pleasantly surprised how well this movie holds up. I’m not a huge fan of people getting hurt, even if they’re bad guys, but there’s lots of other stuff to like.

It’s very funny. It’ll get you in a Christmas-y mood no matter what time of year you watch it.

Macaulay Culkin is perfect as the kid who annoys his family but sets clever traps for robbers. John Candy has a small but fun part.

Stars Joe Pesci and Catherine O’Hara. Directed by Chris Columbus (Adventures in Babysitting). The splendid music is by John Williams.

This is probably the 2nd time I’ve seen it.

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