{4/5} “To my knowledge, mankind is the first case in which there exists the intriguing possibility of evolved intelligence. As I am sure you know, this idea violates several well-established principles of our biological science. Yet some of your anthropologists’ arguments possess startling self-consistency.”

Sundiver by David Brin, published in 1980

It’s been reported that there are creatures living in the chromosphere of the Sun. Some people think that the creatures might be the ones who gave intelligence to humans. Jacob, who has experience communicating with uplifted dolphins, joins a mission to learn more about them. Then a Sunship is destroyed — was it the creatures or was it sabotage?

The background of this universe is fascinating — in which various intelligent species have uplifted other species into sentience, as humans have uplifted dolphins and chimpanzees.

The ideas are fantastic. The story didn’t grab me quite as much as the other Brin novels I’ve read — this was the first one he wrote, though. It starts off a bit slowly, and things kick up a notch when they get to Mercury.

This is the first book in the Uplift series. It’s worth reading if you’re going to read the rest of the series. Or if you’re interested in a mission to the Sun — something you don’t see every day.

I previously reviewed Brin’s novel The Postman.

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