Orphan Black (season 5)

{5/5} “You gave me life. I know you can take that away. You can’t take away my humanity.”

Orphan Black season 5, aired in 2017

Sarah, Cosima, and Delphine are on the Island, where Susan has her laboratory. There’s also a settlement on the Island called Revival with people from around the world. Mrs. S. and Kira have been kidnapped. Helena, Alison, and Donnie are hiding in a forest. Rachel has taken back some control of Neolution and has been summoned by the Founder, who’s apparently 170 years old.

This is the final season, and they wrapped things up astonishingly and beautifully. It’s alternately sad, suspenseful, and hilarious.

My favourite character is Cosima — she’s smart, funny, and sticks to her principles.

Tatiana Maslany deserves every award you can give her for playing so many characters so well.

Stars Josh Vokey and Skyler Wexler.

I previously reviewed season 4.

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