Please Stand By

{4.5/5} “This is what happens when you pee on the bus.”

Please Stand By, released in 2017

Wendy lives in a group home, works at Cinnabon, and looks after her dog. She’s autistic, and she occasionally gets upset when things don’t go the way she wants. She’s written a “Star Trek” script for a contest but left it to the last minute and doesn’t have time to mail it. So she takes a bus to Los Angeles, even though she’s not supposed to cross Market Street.

Dakota Fanning plays Wendy and is brilliant, as always. Patton Oswalt and Marla Gibbs have small but important parts.

It’s a delightful story about determination, creativity, and remembering the things you’re supposed to remember. There are a bunch of funny parts.

I love the moment where Patton Oswalt as a police officer coaxes Wendy out from her hiding place.*

Stars Toni Collette and Alice Eve. Directed by Ben Lewin (The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish). The gentle music is by Heitor Pereira.

Spoiler alert

*By speaking to her in Klingon.

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