Supreme Power

{4.5/5} “With all the things I can do, all the ways things can go wrong, I think it would be a really good idea if I learned to relate to other people. What do you think?”

Supreme Power (3 volumes) by J. Michael Stracynski & others, published in 2004-05

A baby from another planet lands on Earth in the 1970s. He has special powers so he’s raised by a man and a woman in a secret government facility. When Mark gets older the US uses him as a military asset. Eventually President Clinton decides to reveal Mark to the world — but still pretends he was born on Earth, in the US. And no one knows that Mark’s not the only one.

We see the different origins of several superheros, and we see several presidents’ involvement with one of them. It was a bit odd at times but I enjoyed it a lot.

It’s about figuring out what to do when everyone you’ve known your whole life has lied to you. It’s about how people with power choose to use it — the US government, and various individuals who have special abilities.

The story doesn’t exactly come to a conclusion. The artwork is terrific.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read the 1st volume.

I previously reviewed Stracynski’s Superman: Grounded.

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