{4.5/5} “As he raised his head he caught Storm’s eye; from the layers of expression crossing her face, Faller suspected she almost believed him now, and everything she thought she’d known about the world was collapsing.”

Faller by Will McIntosh, published in 2016

The world used to be bigger. But no one knows what happened — and everyone has lost their memory. Faller jumps off a tall building with a parachute, intending to land on a pile of mattresses below. But when he realizes he won’t be successful, he steers himself off the edge of the world. He falls for a long time — days — and eventually reaches another world.

Being able to jump from one world to another is a breathtaking idea, and it’s the premise for a fascinating story. Faller visits several different worlds that have interesting characteristics.

It’s like a cross between a Robert Charles Wilson story and a Robert J. Sawyer story.

This novel is based on a short story that I published in Challenging Destiny.

I’ve read 5 of McIntosh’s books. I previously reviewed his novel Defenders.

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