Star Trek: DS9 Gamma — Original Sin

{4.5/5} “He wondered how he would be remembered, and what history would say about his role in ending the tyranny that the Avatar brought with her. Many had interpreted The Book of Ohalu, but none had read the prophecies with the clarity and understanding that he finally had.”

Star Trek: DS9 Gamma — Original Sin by David R. George III, published in 2017

Sisko’s ship the Robinson is attacked by unknown aliens who use weapons they’ve never seen before. The weapons don’t hit the ship but they affect subspace so the ship can’t move. Then another weapon knocks out everyone on the bridge — when they wake up 7 hours later they discover that the aliens have kidnapped the children, including Sisko’s daughter.

This is the start of a miniseries within the Deep Space Nine universe that focuses on Captain Sisko aboard the Robinson as they explore the Gamma Quadrant.

They make first contact with an alien race unlike any other they’ve encountered. There are flashbacks to the first time Rebecca was kidnapped, 6 years ago.

It’s a great idea for a miniseries, and this is a gripping story.

The previous book in the story of the 24th century is Star Trek: DS9 — Enigma Tales. I also reviewed George’s novel Star Trek: DS9 — The Long Mirage.

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