Foundation and Chaos

{4.5/5} “The humans who made us both, in different times and for different purposes, interest me. I am concerned for their welfare. However wrongly, I regard myself as human, and that is why I have returned.”

Foundation and Chaos by Greg Bear, published in 1998

Even as an old man, Hari Seldon continues to work on psychohistory. Daneel Olivaw, older than Hari by about 20 000 years, continues to help him behind the scenes. There are other robots that are working against Daneel, though. And once in a while a human finds out that robots really exist.

Even though Asimov didn’t write it, this novel fits right in. And even though we know what happens in the ensuing centuries, this part of the story is a terrific one.

The best parts are the parts with the robots.

This is the 3rd book by Bear I’ve read. I previously reviewed Eon.

Within the Foundation series, I previously reviewed Foundation’s Fear.

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