Foundation’s Triumph

{5/5} “The good of humanity at large had to supersede that of individual human beings. The early Calvinians who rejected the Zeroth Law were simply wrong, and Daneel was right. That was not the discovery upsetting Dors. It was finding out that Giskard and Daneel had proceeded down this path without consulting any humans at all.”

Foundation’s Triumph by David Brin, published in 1999

Hari Seldon is close to the end of his life. He no longer participating in the daily activities of the Foundation, having passed that along to his successors. Daneel Olivaw has promised to visit him, and he looks forward to answers to his many questions. Meanwhile, Dors has received an invitation from Ledovic Trema — whom she can’t help thinking of as an enemy.

As you read more and more books in the series, you become aware of all the plans that went behind events in the earlier books — and how things that seemed like disruptions were actually planned for. I have confidence that Asimov would be happy with these extensions to his work.

I’ve read 9 books by Brin. I previously reviewed Heaven’s Reach.

Within the Foundation series, I previously reviewed Foundation and Chaos.

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