{4.5/5} “She’s got a short fuse but she’ll bend over backwards for us.”

Micmacs, released in 2009

Bazil got shot in the head by a stray bullet, and lost his job while he was recovering. He ends up falling in with a small group of people who collect junk and fix it. When he finds the company that made the bullet in his head — as well as the company that made the land mine that killed his father — he decides revenge is at hand.

This is a French movie. It’s quirky in the way that Amelie is quirky —  you don’t know what will happen.

The full French title translates to “non-stop shenanigans.”

It’s about what happens when you work together.

It doesn’t quite pack the same punch as Amelie, but its characters and situations are delightful.

Stars Dany Boon and Dominique Pinon. Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Alien: Resurrection).

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