Supergirl (season 3)

{4.5/5} “I know how hard it is when everything we know to be true changes. But sometimes all we can do is just accept the way things are, and make the best of that.”

Supergirl season 3, aired in 2017-18

With Mon-El gone, Kara throws herself into her role as Supergirl and quits her job at CatCo. Her friends try to help her cope with her loss. CatCo is being bought by a unscrupulous businessman who wants to use it to further his own ends. Alex and Maggie are getting married. Supergirl discovers a cult of people she’s saved — and they all pray to her.

One episode contains an extended flashback to when Kara and Alex were teenagers.

There’s another 4-episode crossover event with Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. This one is called “Crisis on Earth-X” — it was fun but not quite as interesting as I hoped.

The season finale is almost uniformly brilliant, with big changes for the main characters.

Stars Chris Wood, David Harewood, and Floriana Lima.

I previously reviewed season 2.

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