Isle of Dogs

{4.5/5} “A tidal wave of anti-dog hysteria has crippled our moral judgement.”

Isle of Dogs, released in 2018

In the future an outbreak of dog flu causes the mayor of Megasaki to exile all dogs to Trash Island. Atari, the mayor’s ward, arrives on the island looking for his dog Spots. A group of dogs agrees to help him find him. Around the same time, scientists find a cure for dog flu.

This is a stop-motion animated movie. Trash Island looks like the beginning of WALL-E.

It has an astonishing dry sense of humour, but it also has some serious moments.

It’s a strange movie, but it’s a terrific one.

Stars the voices of Jeff Goldblum and Bill Murray. Directed by Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel).

Alexandre Desplat’s music is reminiscent of his score for Moonrise Kingdom. A bit of Sergei Prokofiev music is also featured.

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