{5/5} “I had no training, no degree. But Louis [Leakey] didn’t care about academic credentials. What he was looking for was someone with an open mind, with a passion for knowledge, with a love of animals, and with monumental patience.”

Jane, released in 2017

Jane Goodall’s dream of going to Africa to live among animals came true. To study chimpanzees at Gombe in Tanzania she first had to get them used to her. It took months but her perseverance finally paid off — a group of chimpanzees let her come close to them. She learned about their grooming, community, aggression, use of tools, and how they take care of their babies.

This documentary features Goodall’s own voice as narrator, new interview footage, and stunning footage shot in the 1960s.

It mostly shows her research into chimpanzees, but also talks about her marriage and child.

It’s a beautiful and important documentary. It will make you see chimpanzees as creatures who deserve protection at all costs — and Jane Goodall as one of the world’s heroes.

Directed by Brett Morgen (Chicago 10). The glorious music is by Philip Glass.

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