{3/5} “Whenever I’ve experienced a re-run, they’ve cut out the actual death. But five billion-odd were subjected to all the emotions of a man, about to be sworn in as Secretary of the Pleiades, suddenly attacked by a madman and killed.”

Nova by Samuel R. Delany, published in 1968

Lorq von Ray hires a crew to accompany him on a dangerous mission. He intends to fly a ship through a star when it’s going nova to collect valuable fuel Illyrion. His old enemies Prince and Ruby Red will try to stop him at any cost.

My reaction to this book differs greatly from the general consensus, as it’s very well regarded. It has some interesting ideas, and the general story is fine.

Delany’s use of language makes it a bit more difficult to read than the average book. I’m fine with reading a book that’s a bit difficult to read once in a while but there has to be a payoff, as in Dune.

In this case I found many of the details confusing or off putting. The main character’s violence towards his enemies and casual disregard for his friends. The way the Tarot was regarded as something useful in the far future. The often mundane conversation between characters.

I feel about this book the way I did about Neuromancer — that there are a variety of aspects to it worth discussing but as a novel it didn’t grab me as much as I wanted it to.

This is the 1st book by Delany I’ve read. I previously started Dhalgren but didn’t finish it.

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