Timeless: The Miracle of Christmas

{4.5/5} “What’s the point of saving history if we don’t save the people in it?”

Timeless: The Miracle of Christmas, aired in 2018

Lucy and Wyatt from the future give the team Lucy’s journal in order to help them rescue Rufus. Lucy, Wyatt, Jiya, and Flynn first take the new time machine back to 1848 to stop Rittenhouse from doing whatever they’re doing. The gold rush is just starting in California. Flynn decides to take it upon himself to go to 2012 and kill Jessica, which will stop Rufus from being killed.

This is a movie that wraps up the TV show Timeless. It’s too bad the series didn’t continue, but this movie wraps things up in fine fashion.

It won’t blow you away, but given they’re wrapping things up in 2 hours they did a good job.

Stars Claudia Doumit, Sakina Jaffrey, and Paterson Joseph.

I previously reviewed season 2.

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