Star Trek: The Latter Fire

{4.5/5} “We are captains, and with command comes the implicit truth that we must balance lives against lives, with each order we give… I have done so in the past and I carry the scar that does not heal. I do not need to ask you if you have done the same. I know you have. I have seen it in your eyes.”

Star Trek: The Latter Fire by James Swallow, published in 2016

Captain Kirk’s first contact with the Syhaari was rescuing one of their first warp capable ships 2 years ago.  Now the Syhaari have invited the Federation, and especially the Enterprise, to visit their planet. Envoy Xuur, also on board, is skeptical about Kirk’s handling of the Prime Directive. Meanwhile, Ensign Chekov has left the ship to pursue security training and Lieutenant Arex has replaced him at navigation.

It’s about taking the time to understand something that seems like an enemy.

The solution to the problem is clever, building on things they learned in a previous episode.

I’ve read 5 books by Swallow. I previously reviewed his Star Trek: Discovery — Fear Itself.

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