Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden

{4.5/5} “But before he could press his questioning, he saw something in Spock’s eye… just what, he couldn’t define. But they had served together for almost thirty years. Spock was sending him some kind of message, some kind of — The realization of what was happening in this room suddenly burst through Chekov like a nova. Spock was lying.”

Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden by William Shatner and Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, published in 1995

After the Enterprise-A has been retired, Captain Kirk doesn’t know what to do. When a young woman named Teilani asks him to help her world of Klingon-Romulan hybrids, he jumps at the chance to be useful again. He’s also fallen in love with her. Meanwhile, Chekov and Uhura are undercover in Klingon space on a top secret mission.

Several members of the Original Series cast tried their hand at writing, but Shatner is the only one who wrote a Star Trek novel. He ended up writing 10 of them, all with the Reeves-Stevenses. This is the 1st one.

It’s about love and loyalty. It’s about what you can do when your team has been together for years.

The epilogue teases the surprising setup for the next book.*

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I’ve read 6 Star Trek novels plus 3 autobiographical books that Shatner wrote. I previously reviewed his book Leonard.

I’ve read 9 Star Trek novels that the Reeves-Stevens wrote. The previous one I reviewed is Star Trek: Federation.

Spoiler alert

*After Kirk’s death on Veridian III, the Borg resurrect him and turn him against Picard and the Federation.

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