Planet Earth (season 1)

{5/5} “Running directly at the herd is a ploy to generate panic.”

Planet Earth season 1, aired in 2006

David Attenborough takes us on a tour of the planet. Polar bears, caribou, and wolves in the Arctic, and penguins in the Antarctic. Seals and sharks in the ocean, and birds in the sky. Elephants, dogs, and impala in Africa. Volcanoes, baboons, and wolves in Ethiopia. Giant pandas that stay where they are, and cranes that cross the Himalayas. And much more.

There are 11 episodes, each covering a different habitat.

It’s about predator and prey, migration, the search for food and water, weather, and seasons.

The footage is extraordinary. You’ll see things you haven’t seen before, including snow leopards and red pandas. There’s some glorious time lapse photography. Filming took 5 years.

The majestic music is by George Fenton.

In the DVD set there’s also a 3-part series called Planet Earth: The Future, which focuses on wilderness conservation, human population, and sustainable development.

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