Star Trek: New Earth — Belle Terre

{4.5/5} “But he couldn’t imagine spending his life here, either, no matter how beautiful it was. Space was too big, with too many mysteries to explore. He didn’t mind guarding this colony for a while, as long as they needed him and the Enterprise. It was a challenge unlike any he had had before. But when this was done he wanted to get back into deep space.”

Star Trek: New Earth — Belle Terre by Dean Wesley Smith with Diane Carey, published in 2000

The colonists have all settled on Belle Terre, and are looking forward to their lives there. Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy are enjoying their time there as well. Then Spock discovers that the Quake Moon is going to explode. Unless they can find a way to stop it, the colonists will have to evacuate — and they don’t have enough food to make it back to the Federation.

It’s about dealing with situations that don’t go as planned, and trying all possible means of solving a problem.

I’ve read 5 books by Smith plus 3 he edited. I previously reviewed his novel Star Trek: Enterprise — By the Book, which he wrote with his wife Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

I’ve read 11 books by Carey. I previously reviewed her novel Star Trek: New Earth — Wagon Train to the Stars, which is the previous entry in this series.

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