Alien 40th anniversary short films

{4.5/5} “The organism… it has a unique replication cycle.”

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alien, 6 short films were released. Here they are:

  • Alien: Containment — directed by Chris Reading
  • Alien: Specimen — directed by Kelsey Taylor
  • Alien: Ore — directed by Kailey Spear & Sam Spear
  • Alien: Alone — directed by Noah Miller
  • Alien: Harvest — directed by Benjamin Howdeshell
  • Alien: Night Shift — directed by Aiden Michael Brezonick

It’s slice of terrifying life in the Alien universe. The films are very effective, not showing too much of the alien but showing the terror on peoples’ faces. Watch to the end of the credits of Containment for another few seconds of footage.

The mood, the sets, and the acting are all terrific. The storylines fit nicely into what we know about the Alien universe. The special effects are probably as good as the original Alien for a fraction of the cost.

The shorts are between 9 and 12 minutes or so, long enough to have heroes and villains — and long enough to be afraid. Here is the link to the 1st one, on the IGN YouTube channel.

The music in Alone by Joel Santos was reminiscent of Jerry Goldsmith.

Alien fans will find these shorts intriguing. My favourite one was Ore, in which some miners decide to handle the problem their way. 

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