Love, Death & Robots (season 1)

{5/5} “You’ve seen one postapocalyptic city, you’ve seen them all.”

Love, Death & Robots season 1, aired in 2019

In “Three Robots” 3 robots are on tour learning about extinct humans. In “Suits” some farmers have mechanized suits because they occasionally have to battle giant insects that break through their perimeter. In “Beyond the Aquila Rift” Thom discovers his ship is 150 000 light years from home and several hundred years have passed while he was in hibernation. In “Ice Age” a couple finds that there’s a tiny civilization living in their freezer.

“Three Robots” is screamingly funny. “Suits” has delightful characters and the last few seconds are stunning. Most episodes have great science fictional concepts. A couple of episodes are somewhat gruesome. Other than that, I loved it.

This is a unique TV show. It’s an animated anthology show in which each episode is based on a science fiction short story. Each episode is as long as it needs to be, and each is animated in a different style.

Although there were parts I didn’t care for, most of the episodes are brilliant.

There are 18 episodes based on stories by authors such as Peter F. Hamilton, John Scalzi, Alastair Reynolds, Ken Liu, and Michael Swanwick.

Created by Tim Miller (director of Deadpool).

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