Star Trek: Miasma

{4.5/5} “A Starfleet medkit rested at the doctor’s feet… Spock hoped the precaution would prove unnecessary but he was well aware that exploring an unknown planet often entails hazards to life and limb. He had taken part in more Starfleet funerals than he cared to remember, including his own.”

Star Trek: Miasma by Greg Cox, published in 2016

Captain James T. Kirk is ferrying a collection of diplomats when Uhura receives a signal from an unknown source. They detour to Varba system to investigate. With too much interference to beam down to the planet or communicate with any beings that might be there, a shuttlecraft is launched with Spock, McCoy, and Chekov on board. Their shields interact with the atmosphere in a bad way, causing them to crash.

This is a short story only available as an ebook.

It’s about using every means at your disposal to survive in harsh conditions. Saavik is also featured.

I’ve read 8 books by Cox. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Legacies Book 1 — Captain to Captain.

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