The Radleys

{4.5/5} “Be proud to act like a normal human being. Keep daylight hours, get a regular job and mix in the company of people with a fixed sense of right and wrong.”

The Radleys by Matt Haig, published in 2010

The Radleys are vampires. Peter and Helen used to drink blood, but they’ve been abstaining for years. Their kids, Rowan and Clara, know they’re unusual but they don’t know why. When Clara decides to become a vegan, Helen thinks the time has come to tell them the truth.

It’s about making a decision to live contrary to your nature, for morality’s sake — and what morals you would abandon when your children are in trouble.

It’s a great book. The second half is more serious because of where the story goes, but the first half has a nice sense of humour.

I’ve read 3 books by Haig. I previously reviewed The Humans.

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