At Winter’s End

{4.5/5} “But in that moment it seemed to Hresh that he himself was a citizen of the Great World. He was in the midst of all its surge and vigor. He saw himself striding down the throbbing streets of Vengiboneeza, moving through the turmoil and frenzy of a marketplace where members of the Six Peoples jostled one another by the thousands.”

At Winter’s End by Robert Silverberg, published in 1988

After 700 000 years underground the People are emerging onto the surface of the Earth. The signs said that it was now the New Springtime. With only 60 people in their tribe they’re hoping to run into other humans. Once out in the open they’re dazzled by the open skies and lack of walls. They run into dangerous animals — and a hjjk-man.

This novel is about how people react to extraordinary new circumstances. I found it compelling.

I previously read Silverberg’s story “A Piece of the Great World,” which takes place in this world (collected in One Million A. D.).

I’ve read 2 books by Silverberg. I previously reviewed Dying Inside. I’ve also read some stories he collected in his Legends and Far Horizons anthologies.

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