The Just City

{4.5/5} “What we debated so constantly that winter was whether the Masters and Athene had been right to set up the Just City, and whether the Just City was the Just City or whether there could be one more just, and how that would be constituted.”

The Just City by Jo Walton, published in 2014

Athene and Apollo are doing an experiment on the island of Thera. They’re creating the Just city, the city described by Plato in his Republic. They bring in hundreds of adults from across time who have wished to be in the Just City. And they bring in thousands of 10-year-old children who will one day become philosopher kings. Five years later Socrates shows up and starts teaching rhetoric.

The point of view characters are: one of the children, one of the adults, and one of the gods — who has taken the form of a 10-year-old boy.

It’s about philosophical notions like what the goal of life should be. It’s about a different way of living, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Like Robert J. Sawyer, Walton has mastered the technique of crafting a gripping story largely through dialogue.

The 3 books of this trilogy are available in an omnibus, Thessaly.

I’ve read 5 of Walton’s books. I previously reviewed Starlings.

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