Star Trek: TNG — Hive

{4/5} “We pursued total assimilation of the galaxy. We attained the power to do this, but lost the ability to ask why it was worth doing.”

Star Trek: TNG — Hive by Brannon Braga, published in 2013

The Borg are back, but this time they have a different message — they don’t want to assimilate the Federation but work together with them to defeat Species 1881, the Voldranaii. The Borg encountered the Voldranaii in another dimension and they followed them back. They now want to make this dimension like their own — a realm of chaos.

They tried to bring out all the stops with a Borg story involving time travel. But the definitive Borg stories have perhaps already been told — this one felt a bit unnecessary. In particular, it contradicts the brilliant Destiny novel miniseries.

The story involves Seven of Nine, Data, and the Borg Queen. It takes place after Nemesis.

The artwork by Joe Corroney is pretty good, in the way that in much comic book artwork the characters look vaguely like themselves.

This is the 1st book I’ve read by Braga. He is the co-creator of Star Trek: Enterprise.

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