Star Trek: TNG — Intelligence Gathering

{4/5} “It’s not the war I find appealing, but the romance: a man in control of his destiny, fighting for what he believes, one battle at a time.” — Riker

Star Trek: TNG — Intelligence Gathering by Scott & David Tipton, published in 2008

Riker and Data beam down to Daystrom One, a prototype facility for storing all of the Federation’s archives. The facility is run by an AI, modelled off Data’s positronic brain. The AI has stopped responding, and the managers of the facility are concerned it might have become sentient. Meanwhile, Geordi and Reg figure out that there are some Romulans nearby.

The story is good — there are some nice slices of life aboard the Enterprise — but not quite great. It’s about dealing with people who would rather trick you than ask for help.

I like the artwork by David Messina — it’s a bit like what an animated series might look like, but the characters look like themselves.

I’ve read 10 or 11 graphic novels by Scott & David Tipton. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Alien Spotlight.

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