Other TV shows I’ve watched lately

Here are some TV shows I’ve watched lately without watching every single episode.

{4.5/5} The Daily Show

Trevor Noah continues to host. He tells you what the deal is with the unimaginable president. He interviews such people as Malala Yousafzai, Joe Morton, Patty Jenkins, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders, Greta Thunberg, and Oprah Winfrey. He also interviews some people he doesn’t agree with like Chris Christie. Noah is a very good interviewer and brings people with things to say to your attention.

{4.5/5} NCIS

I caught a few episodes of this show and it’s very good. If you were looking for a procedural show to watch, you could certainly pick this one. From the episodes I saw, it has both a good story and interesting characters. It’s been on for an impressive 17 seasons, and stars Mark Harmon.

{4/5} Only Connect

This is a British game show in which 2 teams of 3 try to figure out connections between seemingly unconnected clues. In the 2nd round the clues form a sequence, and in the 3rd round there’s a “connecting wall” of 4 sets of connections. The final round is the missing vowels round. Victoria Coren Mitchell is the host — most of the time she’s busy conducting the show, but when she makes a joke she’s hilarious. It’s been going for 14 seasons.

{4/5} Password Plus

This delightful game show aired in the late 1970s. You try to get your partner to guess the “password” by giving one word clues — 5 passwords together add up to a puzzle. Whoever figures out the puzzle moves on to the “alphabetics” round, where you can win lots of money by guessing 10 passwords in 60 seconds. Alan Ludden hosted, until he sadly passed away, and then Tom Kennedy took over. Guest stars included people like Betty White (Ludden’s wife), Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, and Mary Tyler Moore. The show was preceded by Password (hosted by Ludden) and succeeded by Super Password (hosted by Bert Convy).

{4.5/5} The Tonight Show

I have been watching Stephen Colbert’s brilliant monologues — every day he tells you what you need to know about the unthinkable president. He does so in a way that makes it clear what the deal is, but at the same time bringing a smile to your face.

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